Thursday, October 27, 2011

it's time for Halloween, pumpkin

ahhhhhh yes.
we come upon the most unnecessarily disturbing holiday in America......


(imagine some eerie woooo-ooooo-ooo sounds for dramatic effect)

I have a confession to make..............
i have never understood Halloween.

Wasn't the original purpose of this day to celebrate the lives of our ancestors? I'm pretty sure that if MY ancestors saw me running through the streets with a fake hatchet through my head, they would be pretty ashamed. the same goes for zombie princesses, dead grooms, and that one kid who always dresses up as a bunch of grapes. One of my teachers said that the costumes originated when people started dressing up as their ancestors on Halloween.

are you really trying to tell me that your great-great grandfather was a crayon?

actually, crayons i don't mind so much. it's the really gory things that bother me.
yes, yes i was THAT KID. that kid who always dressed up as something princess-y or beanie baby related. i was the kid who went upstairs during the scary movie and watched The Princess Bride with their friend's parents. (actually, that did happen). i was the kid......well i still AM the kid that refuses to go to a haunted house.

my first argument is the aforementioned hatred of senseless scaring. the second is logic.

since when do spiders symbolize death? did you know that nobody has died from a spider bite in over 10 years? last year, however, a man tripped over his beard, fell down, broke his neck, and died. that means that in 2010, facial hair was more fatal than spider bites.

speaking of spiders, what is it with spider WEBS? why is every house on la-la street adorned with six packs of "spider-webbing"? if spiders aren't scary, webs are even less so! i was driving to school the other day, and i saw a house covered in red spider webs. HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?? are the owners trying to be extra-scary by implying that someone died....and happened to cover the spider webs in blood??
very believable.
especially since most of the web was on the roof.

ok, ok, i could go on about Halloween, but i accept that there are some Halloween lovers out there who might get upset. if it's any consolation, i LOVE when little kids are all decked out as pumpkins or ducks. it's adorable.

in short, yes, i love the candy, but all in all

i have a BONE to pick with Halloween.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Mid-autumn's Week's Scream

(i couldn't quite afford one of those guys who narrates movie previews, so just imagine)

twenty one schools.

three days.

one chance.

hundreds of drama students from all over the country come together in a competition so fierce that only one word can describe it.



o.k. it wasn't really THAT intense, but it was quite a weekend. a four hour drive to cedar city, two trips to ihop, various fast food restaurants, a birthday girl, all you can eat pizza, costumes in the streets, diction coaching, nail biting, stay-up-until-two-in-the-morning madness.

let me tell you the Winter's tale (or autumn i suppose) of our three days.

the first day, we showed up at school at a horrifically early time (7:15) and loaded all of our belongings onto the bus. this proved an adventure in and of itself, seeing as how we had over twenty costumes that had to be hung, a clothes rack, and a large janitor style garbage can.

once on the yellow vehicle, we drove for four hours down to the wooden city of cedar. along the way, pouring rain outside our window briefly turned to snow, which was quite an milestone for one of our members who had never actually seen falling snow (Florida girl).

Later that night we saw "Dial M for Murder" (I'm keeping security cameras on my husband when we get married) and "A Winter's Tale". (just FYI that is 5 hours of play-watching)
the next day we had scene and monologue (eep) rounds. for those performing there were three rounds, and the entirety of it lasted from 4:00-8:30, and for the record, i actually CRIED during my last round!!!! (i had a very sad monologue so it was acceptable) I'm not quite sure if this was from lack of sleep and nutrition, but you can interpret this moment As You Like it.

day three: we performed our ensemble scene (Julius Caesar, business style) and watched other school's scenes for ...drum roll hours. oh yes. seven. if it wasn't so horrifically long, it probably would have been A Comedy of Errors. but the length was slightly excruciating. also, it curiously decreased my respect for Shakespeare. (what kind of guy writes about killing your daughter, summoning evil spirits, murdering your wife, or feeding a mother her son???) i have my suspicions that Shakespeare might have been in a straight jacket if he was born now-a-days. (although i allow that he's brilliant)

On what seemed like the Twelfth Night (although it was really the third) we went to the Awards ceremony, and I'm sure they meant well by having four very looooong speeches, and announcing awards as slowly as humanly possible, but Measure for Measure, it seemed Much Ado About Nothing. amidst the headache feeding racquet, i am proud to say that Highland got second place in our ensemble scene, and second place overall!!!! that it out of twenty two schools people!!

i will now give you time for fist pumps, cheering, smiling, and confetti throwing.

thank you. your enthusiasm is appreciated. (i also got first place, first place and fourth place in my rounds, and a cornucopia of superiors. yip.)

and although my brain is oozing "prithee"s and "hither"s, i am so glad that we went on this trip, and it was a BLAST. i guess that

All's Well that Ends Well.