Saturday, March 30, 2013

Here ya go!

Hello lovely people that I love! I saw this video, and I thought you'd enjoy it. watch the whole thing and be inspired to be your best self!

i knew you'd love it.

Go be awesome!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Who has read this book?

If you have not read this book, then I am sorry to say that you are not literarily cultured. EVERY child/adult/mammal/amphibian should read Alexandar and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. see where this is going.

I am about to pitch you the idea for a sequel: Hope and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. 

Alexandar's book starts out "I went to sleep with gum in my mouth, and now there's gum in my hair."


I did NOT go to sleep with gum in my mouth and wake up with gum in my hair. In fact, I did not go to sleep at ALL!!!!! this may not seem like a big deal, but let the record show that I have NEVER pulled an all nighter before.....and apparently it makes me CAPS HAPPY because as I'm looking back at my post thus far there are a TON of caps.

anyways, I didn't go to sleep because I had to study for this craaaaaaaaaazy chemistry test that I took at 10 in the morning. I downloaded the review sheet, read about 40 pages of dense, molecule-infused nonsense, and took meticulus notes on everything in the review packet. I didn't even take


unless they were 2 hours apart from each other and lasted the length of a taylor swift song. which reminds me. I found this little beauty

whaaaaaaaaaaa? did two nine year olds just go on my dream date? yes.

so anyways, I went to go take my test, and........I knew NOTHING!!!! seriously! the review had (and I'm being literal) ONE questions that had to do with ANYTHING on the review sheet! the rest was Greek! and not the multiple choice Greek!

I missed one day of class last week due to illness and BAM! apparently that was the only class we needed to attend for this test or something crazy like that.

on the upside, if you ever want to chat tropinone synthesis, i'm available.

so after I failed that test, I went to get lunch and they told me that they were all out of my fave soup! So I took my second fave soup home to take a nap when I realized.....I was locked out!

PICTURE: a sleepy, may-or-may-not-have-showered college freshman eating soup on the floor next to her locked door.

it gets better.

So i have to go to class.......until 5:00PM! Atfter which I go to the CANC to get a spare key. lo and behold

wait for it

my roommate has checked out the spare key and won't be coming home until late tonight!

thus began my quest to find my R.A. (not home) and subsequently must hunt down ANY RA in my building.

which leads us to me. blogging. staying awake until 7:00 because of a group project. that's 32 hours people. thirty-two hou-rs.

in the words of Alexandar the wise:

"I think I'll move to Australia. "

Monday, March 11, 2013

60 things I loves!!

Sometimes I get really frustrated because I can't read my TA's handwriting on my paper, and I have to figure out what wrsovy (seriously that's what it looks like!) means.

so instead I decide to make a list of 60 things that I lalalove!

1. water bottles that have cold water

2. when you have a scrubby-dub-dub clean room

3.people with funny laughs

4. Those chips that are the PERFECT shape for salsa dipping

5. realizing that your assignment isn't due for another week

6. going to bed early

7. being just the right temperature

8. people who have an E in their first name

9. the day after laundry day

10. when you hear a Birtish phrase ("my bird's cute") on campus

11. when you get to watch a new episode of your most fav-a-lave show

12. really soft tissues that make your nose happy

13. when babies don't spit up on you

14. when you find a new favorite band and you're not sick of their songs yet

15. when you think you have no more clean socks but you find some in the veeeeery back of the bureau

16. the word "bureau"

17. when my crushy texts me first

18. the smell of warm (enter favorite baked good here) wafting from the oven

19. the cannon center the cannon center the cannon center.

20. when you're super hungry and remember that you have a treat in the fridge

21. when you talk to someone right after you brush your teeth

22. when you see your grandparents

23. when you pull off a wink super smoothly

24. when you get an A on a paper

25. clipping your nails just the right length

26. when you see someone that you haven't seen in way too long

27. not having food in your teeth

28. when you remembered to get napkins!

29. when you eat a perfectly ripe berry (yummeh!)

30. when you see a really inspirational video

31. a good find at the D.I.

32. cuddles/snuggles

33. snuggles/cuddles

34. when you have extra credit in a class at the beginning of the semester so it says you have over

35. when someone uses "whom" correctly

36. dancing like a crazy person

37. spring in provo!!!

38. puppy. any puppy. ever.

39. getting the perfect milk to cereal ratio

40. daily odd compliments

41. laughing hysterically

42. apps and zerts

43. people with accents

44. finding a new place to study

45. running!

46. people who will run/play tennis/ swim/ basically any exercise-ical activity with you

47. attractive people making ugly faces

48. someone brushing your hair....... seriously.

49. giving foot rubs to peoples I loves

50. well dressed peers

51. finding other people who don't own iPhones (prehistorics unite!)

52. when blogger autocorrects iphones to iPhones and you realize that this world is crazy-techno

53. watching on old favorite movie

54. any excuse to say the word "gumbo"

55. soup in a bread bowl

56. cooking for people

57. phone calls from people I lalalove

58. people who look good in hats

59. when you eat something messy and don't spill

60. the fact that my phone has a "shnooz" button instead of a "snooze" button

and of course you.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hope and Love

I know, I know, I've been lackin' and slacken' on the blog. This is because my life is CRAAAAAZY right now. well....more crazy than usual. And I can never bring myself to sit down and tell you all of the Hope Haps. (happenings of Hope.)

But do I have a story for you!

This happened pre-Valentines' day. So let's all pretend that it's February 10th.

(cool time travel noises)

February 10th:

Pop Quiz: Hope was feeling

A. Sad
B. Discouraged
C. Forgotten
D. Rejected
E. Alone
F. All of the above

about valentine's day.

(the correct answer is F) because everyone and their dog has "that special someone."

 I know this because I watched 101 Dalmatians, where LITERALLY everyone and their DOG has a special someone....And my special someone was my meal card.

Anyways. I was meandering the Wilk with my special someone (meal card) and I decided to check out the downstairs, since I've never really Indiana-Jones-Level explored it.

Whilst walking around, something caught my eye mid-meander. It was a glorious, glorious bulletin board with subcategories such as BOYS, GIRLS, HOUSING, JOBS etc.  It's basically just a place for people to put 3X5 cards that read

"size 6 Wedding dress for sale! beaded bodice, temple appropriate, only worn once!" (duh) "please contact 555-968-2847"

Well. Being the me that I am, I thought that the single people of BYU would get a kick out of it if I........

advertised for a valentine.

I fished around in my backpack for a 3X5 card (which I miraculously found) and under the MEN category wrote:

Just in case you can't read it, it says:

"Looking for a Valentine! Please respond before February 14 2013 Looking for a fun, sweet, intelligent, funny male. Please call (my phone number)"

Oh yes.

Please note: that I did NOT include my name OR area code. In fact, I debated for a good 5 minutes whether or not I should put any number or all, but in the end, it seemed way funnier with the number.

Also note: I did not actually expect any responses. but later that night.....

ring ring.

ME: Hello?
MYSTERY PERSON: Hello, I found your card in the Wilk.
ME: Oh yeah?
MYSTERY PERSON: so have you found a Valentine yet?
ME:haha nope
MYSTERY PERSON: well would you like to go out on tuesday?

The rest is history, but here's a recap: He was super nice, and he gave me a box of chocolates since technically we were valentines. bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

So in sum: while it wasn't actually on valentine's day, he technically got a mail-order valentine.

my life is so fun! especially when it gets val-entwined with a good laugh.

(also, the offer still stands. Anyone? Anyone?)