Wednesday, February 13, 2013

V-day = D-day

Valentine's Day for the lonely Hope. 

you've heard of the circle of life, right? well this is my cycle of love. 

carnations are ruby,
grasslands are green
That is the cutest guy
I've ever seen 

Freesia are orange,
Edielweiss: white,
he called me and asked me
to go out tonight  

carnations are crimson 
Dog rose is pink 
I like him he's perfect for me 
(well, I think) 

Cypress is jade
cosmos is coral 
he bought me some flowers
from on-campus floral 

Dead daisies: brown
Dead lilies: back
now he avoids me 
and won't text me back. 

leaves are chartreuse 
peaches are peach 
he likes someone else
what a "star-bellied sneech"   

her hair is blonde,
mine is brunette 
i'm nineteen years old
can I just give up yet? 

roses are red
violets are blue
I guess i can wait
if I'm waiting for you.  

p.s. when google-ing names of colors to use, i found one called "st Patrick's blue" 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Stockings, Stalking, and Vegetable stalks

Tights, leggings, susies, whatever you call 'em, it's stocking weather! 
(note: the exclamation point at the end of the previous sentence was to incite frustration, not excitement. I see how you could have been confused.)Don't get me wrong, It's not that I don't like wearing tights, they're just not my favorite. But I LOVE wearing skirts. And what do you wear with skirts in 20 degree weather? Tights. It wouldn't be so bad if I had some nice stripes, colors, or polka-dotties,
but here is a quick tally of the number of tights I own and their respective colors:

 grey: 3 
all other colors: 0

So apparently with all of my grey outfits I will be impersonating a rain-cloud for the next few months until this crazy state indicates proper SunU weather (Sunny Utah)
(oh wait. Sh'e kind of adorable........alright, I guess this is OK)

No, no I'm not talking about the  kind of stalking. I'm talking about the CIA-should-hire-19-year-old-girls-to-stalk-because-they-are-THAT-good stalking. 

This is really no better than regular stalking, except that it gives me some small degree of dignity that I'm not hiding out in bushes with my face painted green for camouflage. This is sophista-stalking. In fact, my home teacher came over to teach yesterday, and just ended up stalking my friends on Facebook. (good work, home teacher.) 

ok, ok, before you get too worried about me, please note that it's basically just looking at people's Facebook profiles, which is all technically public information. I'm just crazy glad that I actually have my own computer this semester, and don't have to resort to face-booking on the public computers (" Taylor, I was your Facebook because I had to uh..........................................Looks like you had fun in Hawaii." (uncomfortable silence) "well this is awkward." 

Vegetable stalks. 

The Vegetable. A rare species that is infrequently (if ever) found in the places to which my meal card subscribes. Which is oh-so unfortunate for a girl who is trying to be a healthier eater. so basically this is my SOS (send over spinach) plea to the creators of cougar-eat, cannon center, legends grille.......and basically everywhere else I can eat with my monopoly money. I just have four quick messages for BYU management: 

1. despite the homophone, chicken STOCK is not STALK. and therefore not a vegetable. 
2.french fries aren't vegetables either. 
3. carrot cake: also not a vegetable. 
4. cherry chocolate ice cream? technically not a fruit.....but I love it, so no complaints from this girl!   

So basically, this semester is turning out to be a crazy one. But hey, I'm not putting much stock into bad moods these days.