Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Absolutly Paralized (with stress)

before I begin any part of this post relevant to the title, I would just like to say that for all of you men who are on a strict budget, but still want to smell good, I have found an exact smell alike for hollister cologne. ready? drumroll please..........d..r..u...m....r....o..l....l.....s....o...u...n.....d.................. "Linen and sky" scented febreeze.

no, really.

we now return to your regularly scedualed post.

Agonizing Pain

Atrocious Punishment

All-consuming Peril 

Awful Plague

Allowed Poison

 A.P. testing is this week and next, and it really stands for "advanced placement" but with the level of torture inflicted upon our poor young minds, any of the above can be substituted for the initials A.P.

I am at probably the worst stage of them right now, because I have already compleated one (thus questioning my answers and beating myself up for some of the things I couldnt remember) and am in anticipation of three more. My A.P. courses include A.P. studio art, A.P. literature and composition, A.P. Environmental science, and A.P. Statistics.

to show my appreciation of these subjects I will now make a list of everything I have learned from my A.P. courses this year.

1. (environmental science) - survival of the fittest = whoever touches their finger to their nose last has to get in the river and collect the bugs.

2. (English) - when in doubt, write about Hamlet.

3. (Art) - Call it abstract. no one can argue.

4. (statistics) - O ER T O   = a pain-less operation

5. (environmental science) - oil refineries smell like rotten eggs. 

6. (English) - writing "i wonder if you even read this, or  just flip through to see if i did it"  in the middle of your essay is not a good idea. It is read.

7. (Art) - Minecraft is installed on the art computers.

8. (statistics) - If your teacher likes you, you get M&Ms

9. (envirnomental science) - we're all jerks

10. (English) - you can go from a C to an A with extra credit.

fingers crossed that this is what's on the tests! If not, statistically speaking I'll get 25% give or take 14% with 90% confidence............................GAHHHHH

please enjoy this photo of how i feel