Monday, November 14, 2011

two posts for the price of one!

*o.k. here's the deal-io. so i was supposed to be writing my friend a letter while i was in the Dominican republic (from one humanitarian trip to another kinda deal), but after a few days i got really tired of writing his letters, so the following are the first two. yes, yes, i know. these aren't from the Dominican Republic, they are both from the New York airport. the D.R. ones will come later.....maybe. so enjoy! (name changed to protect the awesome)

Dear Peter,

there are two bird in here. two birds! in a New York airport! they seem to be quite at home, pecking at leftover Burger King egg-bagel specials. it is a funny thing to find refuge in a New York City cigarette-butt-stain airport. they seem quite relaxed, talking to each other in their New Jersey Accents

"Phil. Phil! i gotta bacon cheese sesame ova hee-ya"

"cool ya jets Penny, I gotta make a pit stop on da railin'......there we goes. bacon cheese ya say?"

perfectly content to feast on our processed, fatty cast aways.
after all, they fly for free.


Dear Peter,

Ok so i was sick of writing and decided to put this away, but that lasted all of about 74 seconds. instead i will paint a picture for you of the NYC airport.

people dressed in everything.
a man shuffling cards while he talks to his friends. a couple of hangovers, and even more on the way. clocks everywhere that scream 7:14.

pink luggage, grocery sack luggage, luggage with designer brands, luggage with wheels, luggage on top of more luggage, and pick-pocketed luggage everywhere.

the people are connected to iphones, ipods, ipads, and laptops, each on the phone, living in a world four states away. "yeah, yeah, i got here fine" and dropping a swear word whenever it adds emphasis, or meaning, or they haven't said it in a while.

a woman is unwrapping a fashion magazine and licking her fingers for every time she turns the page. a 69....ok, I'll be fair. a 64 year old woman is sporting a bright pink Hollister top, complete with rhinestones.

card-shuffle guy is creeping on a pretty girl playing angry birds.

there is a beautiful woman in African garb, looking completely at ease, and a man trying to read this entry as he sips down his 7:30 Pepsi.

the Starbucks has a longer line than any of the boarding queue, and all of this to the constant hum of "New York Morning News" with anchors who are somehow both chipper and cynical.

good morning, New York. the city that never sleeps.


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