Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ending high school on a high "NOTE"

Freshman year, we all had to write a letter to our senior selves. of course it was a hoot to read, but it made me sad to think back (senior reminiscence) and this is the letter i wish i would have read my freshman year from my senior self. A.K.A. my response to my freshman letter. i would have written out the freshman letter first, but obviously, it's super embarrassing. enjoy!

Dear Hope (the freshman),  ----------------> (hope as a freshman)

Why thank you! you are looking pretty ravishing yourself!

No, i have not kissed anyone in high school. I know you, you are secretly disappointed by that.

My funnest date? I think you mean most fun date, and no, I can't reveal that over the world wide web.

Who it have a crush on...........well i can't say by name, but i'll tell you that you know him now (but do not like him romantically as of yet.)

Yes, shame on me for not changing the world yet. I'm eighteen, already i'll get a move-on i promise!

YOU'RE stressed, darling, you don't even know the meaning of stress until next year. good luck learning 2 years of Spanish in one (oh don't give me that surprised look, you know Senora Stringham hasn't taught you a dang thing!)

Sadly, I have not done any of the things you mentioned to me that you wanted to have accomplished by now, but that was to be expected i'm sure. If i had, I would have had to be a millionaire who hadn't slept for the past four years!

Yes you and Carlee ARE still friends, and she is still as much of a "sweet chick" as you say. We even were Co-head editor's for Highland's literary magazine this year!

 I'm glad that you realize that being respected is much more important than being popular. you will go far with that attitude!

I will treat myself to an ice cream today, thank you.

        I loved your letter, and it brought me a lot of reminiscent joy. remember this feeling, because freshman year is arguably going to be one of your favorites in high school. Don't make things hard for yourself, or add unnecessary dramatics to your life. Drama is for the STAGE, so take a theater class, and leave all of your over-exaggerations and tears on the stage.(too bad you don't realize that until senior year. whoops!)

You don't know it yet, but you really do have VERY clammy hands. yes, it's pretty hard to turn that into an endearing fault, but when all is said and all hands held, at least you know the guy likes you if  he's willing to put up with the clamminess!

Don't get caught up in the little hardships, but be sure to celebrate the little successes.

Driving the most freeing activity ever. really. you can't even imagine what it feels like to be able to take yourself somewhere.

You'll learn a lot of things in High school, and some of them are academic, some of them are fun to learn, and some of them are things like how to cry, and how to sacrifice for someone you love. a lot.

 All in all, High school is rough and tough, but very worth it. never compare your weaknesses with other people's strengths. some people can just do everything, win every award out there, and be popular to top it off, but can they make an angel food cake from scratch on the first attempt? (you are going to do that by the way) probably not. or at least they don't have time to try. And what's the point in winning every award ever created and walking into graduation with 7 pounds of medals on your neck if you never teach yourself to sew a dress? some things you learn you can't win awards for, or get recognized for, but they teach you how to learn, or how to enjoy work, or how to expand your heart, and that will come in handy a lot more often than winning a medal for completing 3 CTE courses (which you also did, but were too lazy to sign up for the medal)

Don't make excuses not to do your best though. don't settle because you can explain your way out of it (you're very good at that, you know.)

 Just remember what's important, and (as you will be reminded to do when things get harder(and they do)) pray. it will bring you the peace you're looking for.

Learn to let people in, but also to let people out. til next time!

Hope (the senior) ---------------------> Hope as a senior 

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  1. Wow, my beloved Hope, I've been holding my breath, tearing up, smiling broadly and wildly waving my black and white pom poms. I am truly and deeply proud of you. You, my dear, HAVE changed the world and you have made me a better person (work still obviously in progress.)

    Special note: you have a new freshman year calling to you. Write a new letter, take your new vision and heart and do what you do best...ROCK IT!!

    always loving you and cheering for you, mama