Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Ideal Boyfriend in 50 words

I only have fifty words, and I've already used ten. In hindsight, I probably should have written "fifty" and "ten" in the previous sentence as numbers, not words, so they wouldn't count. But unfortunately it's too late. Oh well. I just want a boyfriend who doesn't eat my food anyways.  


  1. if you know me and about my food sharing .......anxiety then this probably makes a lot more sense then if you don't........

  2. We'll all know you have found your REAL true love when you actually WANT to share your food with him. This will be your sign Hope:)

  3. Hope, your mom shared your blog address with me and I've been spending the last few minutes perusing and laughing my head off!! You are AWESOME!!!!!! So funny, so clever in your candidness. (Not to mention beautiful!) How was your long church history trip?? I'd love you to meet my cousin's daughter who is going to BYU -- she'll be staying with me the night before orientation. Call me and we can chat about if getting together will work. Good night! Willow