Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hey baby, lets cuddle.

Love is difficult thing.

Poets try to capture it in stanzas, directors in the course of a two hour movie, and writers fill volumes with definitions of love and what it encompasses. I have recently found myself learning the ways of true love, and am about to add my contribution to the artistic society, by trying to capture it in one little blog post. Nay, a single question. 

Would you be upset if the one you loved peed on you at 2 in the morning? 

If the answer is yes, it's not true love. 

also, spit up, dirty diapers, and screaming fall into this category. 

Who do I love that frequently spits milk and formula on my cute sweaters? someone very special indeed. two someones in fact. 

that's right, my baby nephews John-John and Brig. 

wait, wait, wait. I know what you're thinking. That I have finally joined the realms of true blogging, which is to say----> women with too much time on their hands bragging about their families. 

EX: Mark just did the cutest thing today. he said "Gala!" It was so cute! usually he just says "ga" and occasionally, its "lala" but he just expanded his vocabulary! I think it means mama, but Jace insists it's dada. We'll see. I'll update you tomorrow on any changes on "gala." It won't be long before it's "laga" or even "mama!" 

yeah. don't worry about that.  I may be baby-love struck, but I promise that my blog will stay collegically sane.  No promises about when I have my own babe, but that won't be for quite a while. 

So basically my nephews are my little cuddle bugs, which is rare because....well.......I'd say that I could count the number of boys I've ever cuddled with on one hand, but that would imply that there had been at least one. Not really sure how to feel about that whole situation. Must research farther. 

O.k. I'm a little bit tempted to go on for 897520 pages about how cute B and the J-man are, but you can see for yourselves. 



Babies babies babies babies

los chicos conmigo 

Enough said. 

On an unrelated topic, I have a new temptation. At the Tanner building cafe, there is a sign above the cash register that says "we accept all forms of payment." I am incredibly tempted to try and barter with something crazy like hair elastics. I find a million hair elastics on the ground at the BYU, and I'm sure that if I started picking them up, I would have more than enough to buy a turkey bacon club with no mayo. 

Regardless of the explicit sign however, I'm 80% sure that they would just laugh nervously and clarify that it has to be a type of standardized money. Of course, I would just return with spanish pesos. If they specified American money then I would have to resort to using 930 pennies and so on. I guess weeks and weeks of tests/papers/quizzes has turned me into a little bit of a rebel. 

But hey, I like to live on the wild side, baby. 

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