Saturday, August 11, 2012


Beginnings. Endings. Inbetweenings. 

At the Thomas household, life is full of major changes.

Change Numbero Uno: Another generation has been added to the family. The first nefews/grandchildren were born, and along with that--a new grandmother, a new grandpa, two new aunts, a new mommy, a new daddy, and a new uncle were consequently thrust into their aforementioned roles. Double our luck, there are two of them! Twin boys! Not so luckily, they're both little bitty guys, and their struggle to hold onto life in the hospital brings us to change number two.

Change Number Two: My dear lovely grandma on my dad's side is exiting this world just as the twins are coming in. Her weakened condition from lack of nutrition create parallels to the new twins that I never realized before. They all rely completely on the assistance and goodness of others to stay alive. None are thinking about the latest tweet or what they're going to wear tomorrow. One is reflecting on memories, and anxious to see ones she has loved, while the other two are blissfully innocent, and are about to start creating relationships and memories like the ones my grandma so dearly misses.

Change Number Tres: I am going to college. I don't even want to think about it because it's going to be such a strange and permanent transition. It's not like I'll never come home again or stay close to my family, but it is the last remaining flicker of childhood being extinguished. I will probably never again wrestle my dad or go to a sibling's twinkle twinkle recital, or set the table for six. this is an irreversable and inevitable change that i can do nothing about.

Life is fragile. 

This time, this week, this year, my family represents all stages of life and we are all transitioning to the next. It's like the planets all lined up and we get to catch a glimpse of moving forward in something bigger than ourselves. I have the privlage of looking back with my new baby nefews, and looking forward with my wonderful grandmother. This carefully planned progression of stages allows me insight to reflect on what I have done with my llife, and plan to do so much more. becasue in the beggining, we were all as innocent as my little baby nefews, and in the end, we're all going to be fading on our beds, barely strong enough to breathe.

it's what you do in the middle that counts.


  1. I love this post Hope. You are going to do amazingly in college (is that a word? haha) You guys are in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. sweet and powerful as usual Hopie. Please don't give up wrestling with dad and me just yet. As soon as the Heywood nephews get a little older we can set the table for NINE. You bring in a wonderful man and then we'll have 10 and so on. We'll just keep adding tables and keep hoping you'll write to chronicle the whole adventure. I'll be anxious to hear all the byu stories....keep writing!!!

  3. I love your post. Very elegantly put.