Thursday, August 30, 2012

ohhhhhhhhhhh baby

So, as a freshman, I'm still in a state of culture shock in this new land I know only as "college." For instance, I walked into my child development class yesterday (la dee da) and lo and behold there is a lady with a baby on the back row.

double take.

lady. baby. back row.


this is NOT what I am used to. No longer is the appropriate response to a baby in class "Oh gee that's too bad" now it's a hearty, if confused "Congratulations. what a beautiful baby!"  Gah! I have to learn a new language that I don't even get university credits for. BYU-ish 101.

The whole time I was thinking to her 'you know, you can probably skip like the first week of class because it's all about prenatal development, and you're baby looks pretty, well..........natal.'  
Maybe the professor will have her be a guest speaker about the miracle of childbirth.

Yes, my friends. I have entered a world of binkies, pull-ups, and smelling spit up in the middle of English. It's a little bit scary, it's a little bit weird, but it's a little bit awesome to know that you're at least getting more out of the lectures than SOMEONE in the classroom.

there's a newborn in my SFL class that hasn't taken notes once!

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