Monday, September 3, 2012

Ice cream, and other frozen things.

The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

At the heart of my stomach is food.

food glorious food.

These are some of the thoughts going through my head lately. why, you ask? 


thanks for asking.

The food situation is a little different than I expected here at the B-Y-blue.  For one thing, there are desserts EVERYWHERE. If you go to eat at the cannon center, guess what? free ice cream. If you go to a school sponsored dance or activity, guess what? free ice cream. If you go to the cougar-eat or either creamery, guess what? no free ice cream. but very cheap ice cream!
Living here is like living with a spoon full of  ice cream following behind you, and let my tell you my friends, This creamy deliciousness is getting harder to resist. Byu is so keen on ice cream, that they gave our class our own flavor! ("seriously chocolate" which, yes, is basically just chocolate with oreo bits) Oh- and that one was free too.

so i've limited myself to a certain amount of sweets a week for the sake of my wardrobe. the ice cream may be free, but size 18 jeans are not.

Number two weirdness.

The refrigerator.

O.K. so at Helamen halls, every dorm room is equipped with a cute 75 year old mini-fridge. the catch is, there is a little freezer WITHIN the fridge. you know, like a 4 inch by 6 inch box that's supposedly colder than the rest of the fridge? well, our freezer leaks into the fridge creating some pretty unique frozen meals.

my salsa is frozen, my oranges are frozen, my juice is frozen.

My roommate -bless her- put sandwich supplies in the fridge, and ended up having to run her turkey slices under warm water to de-thaw them. don't worry, she drew the line at the cheese. she just rubbed it in a paper towel for a bit until it was semi-malleable.

this, dear readers, is going to be an adventure.  

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  1. Hope, here's the scoop: Your delicious post are always my flavor-ite-of-the day. I think this is a cold war you can win!

    whipped cream and a cherry on top,