Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goodne$$ Graciou$

The reader's digest version of my financial adventure.

So I wanted to get into a certain Book of Mormon class. I was #1 on the wait-list, but even though I knew people were dropping the class, I wasn't getting put in. These are the lengths to which I tried to get into this class. 

1. went to the Wilk info. center who referred me to the 

2. second floor of the JSB where after 10 minutes I was told to go to the 

3. third floor of the JSB where I was given a 

4. number to call. After five minutes on the phone they gave me a 

5. different number to call. After twenty minutes on the phone with them, they told me that my account was frozen so I 

6. called my mom who

7. called my dad who

8. called the BYU financial center and spent an hour trying to pay my fee. when it was taken care of I
9. called the second number again who told me that it usually took four days for the system to recognize that the account was unfrozen. The lady told me to call back if I hadn't gotten added to the class by the wait-list deadline. So on Monday I 

10. called back, because I hadn't been added. But they were closed for the holiday, so the next morning I 

11. called back again and was on hold with them for half an hour. They finally told me that my account was frozen AGAIN for a different fee, and that the automatic charge to credit card wasn't working. So I 

12. called my mom who 

13. called my dad who 

14. called the financial center AGAIN to try and fix this thing once and for all. Once I was assured that it was paid I 

15. walked to the JSB where the second floor secretary referred me to 

16. the professor's office on the third floor, which he wasn't in so I 

17. went back down to the secretary, got his email address and then 

18. walked to the library to send him an email. 

Bottom line, after all of this, I STILL couldn't get into the class.

and my account is frozen again.

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