Tuesday, December 4, 2012


It's the final countdown for the final finals.

well, not the FINAL final finals, as those will come years in the future, but rather the first final finals. finally.

Sadly, all of my teachers opted to do their jobs this year, and give finals that individually make me queasy, and cumulatively almost paralyze me.

Not only that, but I also have a few major papers due in addition to the finals. that's right. in addition. as in, "not subtraction but --------"

I thought that it would be nice of you to help me study for my tests, as I don't have a study buddy. you will? you're the best! O.k. here we go.

you're supposed to ask me the question, and I'll answer.

not feeling talkative? O.k. well how about this. how about instead we play........(cue the neon lights and obnoxious show host).......are you smarter than a college freshman?!? (applause) Alright round one:

social dance:

The "cuddle" is a move from which dance learned this semester?

2. cha cha
3. waltz
4. swing
5. none of the above. it's what you do when it's cold outside.

and the answer is........4!!!! yes, the cuddle is an actual dance move from the popular genre of swing!

Civilization 1 (aka the pen and the sword): 
mark the most correct answer

1. women should not be allowed in the military
2. women should be allowed to sign up voluntarily for the draft, and to be on the front lines of war as long as they so desire and pass a skills and fitness test
3. women should be allowed in the military but not in the draft
4. women should make up 50% or more of the army, and fight on the front lines of war
5. women are part magnetic, and attract bullets. therefore they should not be allowed to be in artillery combat

the answer for this one is (yes, there is a right answer)...........2! And i just spent the past two days writing a ten page paper supporting this.....ok, fine I suppose it's an opinion.

Social Sciences 
the most common place to randomly meet a lot of people is

1. the library
2. your dorm lobby
3. snooping about the upperclassmen housing
4. the food lines at the Wilk
5. false. because it hurts to walk in high heels.

the answer is..................5!.........O.k. actually it's four, but when I take tests at the testing center, I feel like that happens a lot with the multiple choice questions. they totally talk about something unrelated and then are correct. now days I just bubble in BEAD CAB BAD BED over and over again. surprisingly, I'm not doing too BAD.

o.k. enough trivia for today. so, are YOU smarter than a college freshman?

regardless of how you answered the questions, the answers is probably yes, because I, at least, am running on about 4 hours of sleep, and a lot of aca-dreneline. you know, that adrenaline rush that comes when finals arrive?

well, until next time, my scholarly chums, I'll be here if you need me. just decaying away at the same spot in the library.....

maybe slip me some food once in a while. or at least water my plant.

And also, I got a new phone so if you could text me your number that would be great (I have the same number, just a new phone)

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