Saturday, December 29, 2012 i mean Hope's favorite things! (2012 edition)

For those of you who do not watch Oprah (me being one of those), I will give you a little background. At the end of every Year, (don't quote me on this, she might not still do it) Oprah spends a whole show giving away her favorite things of that year to every single audience member. If you want a little taste of what it's like here ya go.

yes. If you are rich enough, you can make grown men cry at will.

So it's time for (drumroll please)

Hope's Favorite Things!!!!!!! 

*note: I will not actually give you any of these things, but I WILL give you a digital picture as a speacial treat for your eyes.

Favorite thing of 2012 #1: 

Turkey Bacon club on Sourdough bread with no Mayonnaise from the Blue Line Deli at BYU!

How many omnivores do we have out there? Then you'll love this Hope-modified Blue Line classic! By far the most ordered sandwich at BYU, with reduced fat thanks to the exclusion of mayo! AND I can pay for it with my meal card so it's super convenient! Come down to BYU, and I may ACTAULLY buy you this favorite thing (due to the fact that I have to spend a certain quota by the end of the sememster) 

Favorite thing of 2012 #2: 

How many times has this happened to YOU? you're sitting in your dorm room at 10:45 P.M. thinking all you're homework's done when you realalize "Ah! I have to write a paper/ check my email/ submit my response on digital dialoge/ other school related activity that can only be compleated online?" Which is when you remember that your parents aren't letting you have a computer this semster.

Well. Have no fear. You MAY think that you have to walk all the way to the library (15 min. ) when in fact, you can zip on over to the tanner building computer lab! (9 min)!!! this is why my second favorite thing of 2012 is

The Tanner Building Computer Lab!

The Tanner Experience

Favorite thing of 2012 #3: 

Tuacan's productions of Hairspray and Aladdin!

Sorry, you're too late to see them, but rest assured they were FANTASTIC!

Favorite thing of 2012 #4 

This one came early in the year. January 6th in fact!
(super drum roll)


Want a relaxing, luxurious, typically nice-smelling afternoon in your choice of color? I strongly recommend a mani-pedi to get the job done! 

Although I may not recommend going with me, as I laugh loudly when anyone touches my toes.

Favorite Thing of 2012 #5

Heritage tours!

A 3 week trip from Utah to New York and Back. You stop at all the church history sights, spend about 8 hours on a bus (per day), and have the time of your life (with the best people you'll ever meet!) strongly recommended for graduated high school seniors

Favorite Thing of 2012 #6 


I'm sorry, but these cannot typically be purchased at local convenience stores. they're a very rare, and very costly gift. Fortunately for me, I don't care If I have to change a few diapers because they're so dang cute! 

Need I say more?

Favorite thing of 2012 #7 

New York, New York


Strongly recommended. Will live there someday
Broadway play Spiderman....Also highly recommended 

Favorite thing of 2012 #8 

Graduating from High School.

 Not that I didn't love High School. In fact, I ADORED high school (for the most part), but it was a bitter sweet time to move on. I recommend this, but only one per lifetime.

Favorite thing of 2012 #9 
Starting College!
 love love love love love love college.

Favorite thing of 2012 #10: 

Always the best.
At the Top of my List.
with a hip hip hooray, and a shish boom bah.
My friends and family.
Old and new, young and wrinkly,  bald or flowy blue hair, I LOVE them, and if Oprah knew them, they would be her favorite things too.

                   -_____________________________________ <----------Photo of YOU here

Happy new year!

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