Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ways I procrastinate studying for limerick form

H. Potter just sits on the shelf,
I'm cringing, restraining myself.
and try as I might
I can't go the night
without reading of Dobby the elf.

selections of fruit in a bowl.
distract me from reaching my goal
I eat nine or ten,
neglecting me pen
if I fail, I fail while full.

my nephews cry into the night
and I'm trying my best to sleep tight
But I'm never repelled
when they need to be held.
So I hope what i'm doing is right

watching a movie sounds fun
but i know that i'm under the gun
if it's christmas in theme,
and my head's all a-dream
can it hurt if I put in just one?

my room is quite messy it's true,
but i can't waste my time sorting shoes,
then again, can it hurt,
if I vacuum up dirt ?
it may kick my old studying blues.

too lazy to go for a jog
but my brain is all up in a fog.
I need to waste time
so I'll think of some rhymes
and then post it for views on my blog.

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  1. Upon hearing an artful reading,-ad man. Evans said: "She's very good with words. Now I shall go to bed."