Monday, April 1, 2013

Testing happiness

Picture your happy place. 

Where is it? Disneyland? Palm Springs? Florida? Well mine is the BYU testing Center. 

Wait, wait, wait, please don't think that it's because I love taking tests (because believe me, I do NOT) nor is it the endless line to get a bubble sheet, or the random coughs throughout the room that foreshadow a sickness in your very near future. No. For this venue to achieve the status of "happy place" you must first abandon the regular downstairs room that seats about 5 million, and make the wonderful trudge to the upstairs music room. 

this beautiful little brainchild of some music-loving faculty member long ago is an intimate little room with about 40 desks, and it is always playing wordless music for you to enjoy whilst bubbling answers. (yes, that would be a run-on sentence, but I won't fix it because I'm feeling rebellious today) 

While this is a wonderful thing, what truly makes this bump disneyland down to the 2nd happiest place on earth is the seat. THE seat. It's a seat right nest to the window, and it is what dreams are made of. I try to go start taking my tests about 5:00 PM so that you can see the beautiful collegic landscape transition from late afternoon to sunset to dusk (these tests are long.) It forces you to contemplate the whole university experience as little inch-sized students bustle in and out of your third story picture frame. 

I mean, whenever you are contemplating which is MORE correct A, C, or F, it helps to glimpse a little piece of someone's day. walking out of the testing center, sitting under a tree studying, holding hands with a new beau, they're just quick snapshots that reminds you that there's more to life than getting 96.7% on your statistics test. that there's in fact more to life than even life. 

so while the thrill of the matterhorn may entice some, and relaxing on a beach is paradise to others, give me a stuffy little room with crackling mozart in the background, and you've got yourself one happy girl.  

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