Friday, April 19, 2013

Too brain dead from studying to come up with a clever title.

As you recall, I have already blogged about finals. Not this semester (as that would be superfluous) but you may notice that we've already kinda been down this road. --Here's a secret.--- I will never NOT blog about finals. Why, you ask? because
If I'm talking about finals, it means I'm in the middle of finals.
If I'm in the middle of finals it means I'm supposed to be studying.
If I'm supposed to be studying, it means that I will look for any excuse to take a break.
And this is the excuse.

What shall we discuss? As long as it has nothing to due with statistics, entrepreneurship or chemistry, it's free game! how about what it means to be a BYU freshman? Being a BYU freshman means:

1. Being on a first-name basis with ANYONE who works at a restaurant on campus

2. Eating at the cannon center

3. Fearing for your life on April fools day because you are surrounded by a hall full of mischievous freshman girls

4. Watching every disney movie ever made ever

5. Seriously contemplating filing a PDA petition

6. Studying outside when it's sunny

7. Having an infinite "oh, s/he's just a freshman" get-away-with-anything card

8. Getting a free mug on campus

9. Anyone you ever knew or ever knew of ever in your life getting a mission call

10. Getting a mission call

11. Sleeping way too much

12. Sleeping way too little

13. Freaking out when you figure out the person you sit next to is married

14. Freaking freaking out when they bring their baby to class

15. Getting the first wedding announcements from people your age and wanting to curl up in a corner and only eat hot pockets for the rest of your life

16. Avoiding saying you're a freshman at all costs

17. Watching waaaaay too much netflix

18. Getting friendly with the vending machines

19. People using you for your meal card

20. Meeting upperclassmen  and trying to discretely hypnotize them into asking you out

21. Going to see a lot of local bands. Some good, some.....spirited

22. Crying with joy when you come home because there is real food.

23. The freshman 15.....

24......turning in the freshman 50

I'm sure there are more, but I've really procrastinated much too long. Here we go. (finally)

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