Monday, October 15, 2012

a "spark" of fun








let's hop to the bop. skip to the bip. rock to the roll. dudes and dudettes it's fifties time!!!

O.k. let me give you a little bit of background information. So last week was homecoming week and every day had an event. Tuesday was the "opening ceremonies" (of which I have already written.) It was  also Hike and light the Y. (also written about.)

Wednesday was a blue foam party which looked like this
yes, my friends. It was smurf turf up on that track. To this day I'm still a tint bluer than is humanly normal. 

Thursday was the BYU spectacular. O.K. guilty. I didn't go. But this was only because it cost moneys.


Friday was the dance. --scratch that. danceS. There was a 20's dance (formal) a 50's dance (semi-formal) and an 80's dance (casual.) as you can probably guess, I went to 50's dance. 

well actually, I set up, photographed, cleaned up and attended the 50's dance. I know what you're thinking. "photographed? well then where are the pictures?" 

Answer: still in my camera. 

Longer answer: still in my camera, but I'll put some up as soon as I figure out how. 

I know what else you're thinking. (or will be in about four seconds) "well who did you go with?" Well I'm not going to go through the whole ordeal with you, but let us just be clear that it WAS an ordeal that involved five different gentlemen, but I only went with one.

 his name is Ben. 

AND it was his birthday. so, you know. no pressure or anything. 
It was a blast! and the venue was IN-CRED-I-BLE! honestly. check it out. 

i'm going to go off on a little tangent for a second because this is my new favorite place in the history of my favorite places. It's a returaunt called Spark, and it like a mormon bar and returaunt. seriously. They serve a ton of non-alcoholic cocktails and fancy shmancy food. Goal # 1 for this year = go on a date to this returaunt. O.k. now back to your regularly schedualed program. 

let's just say that was one of the best dances I've ever been to. Most of my friends went to the 80's dance but man did they miss out! The DJ played a mix between fifties and modern music, and there were --wait for it-----------------free cupcakes (but more on that later.) 

let's start with the lipstick. 

So I love wearing lipstick buuuuuuuuuut there's never really an occasion. 
So I love any excuse to wear it. 
and this. 
was one.  

now we're going to skip over the next little bit (insert fast forwarding noises.) So I took my lipstick-ed self and my date to the totally awesome restaraunt mentioned and photographed above where we boogie-d and woogie-d all night long......or until 11:00 when we helped clean up, and each got to take home 30 free cupcakes because they ordered too many. how's that for birthday cake? we then got dropped off at our seperate dorms which meant no awkward doorstep scene at building 9. can Life get better? I submit that it cannot. 

good ridDANCE to normal weekends! 


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