Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Y? because I spider there.

Eating a quick lunch alone in my dorm room. Scrolling through the latest paper requirements on my roommate's computer, and listening to Katy Perry blaring from the running track that is right outside my window. This was the moment of two realizations.

1. "I kissed a girl" is not a very uplifting song, and someone is neglecting their duty to monitor the track songs, and 

2. This alone-ness is saddening.  

My busy schedule has left me somewhat socially crippled as I try to catch a few quiet moments in my dorm room  to do homework. Also, since I have apparently become a hermit, people haven't really invited me to things lately. I have become that one girl in the room who only comes out for meal times, and no one's quite sure what she looks like. 


I decided that my hermit-ude ends today. Therefore I dragged my hall-mate to the "homecoming opening ceremonies" this morning at 11:00 A.M. which turned out to be pretty fun. especially since we sat with our ward, and let's be honest. I have the rockin'est ward at BYU. 

Then I went to class (yada yada) and spent not one but TWO--count them TWO hours rehearsing my midterm with my Honors Civ. group. --------o.k. granted, it was kind of forced social interaction, but I think I still get points for the two hours thing. 

My next dynamic move was to go to the BYU/SA office. this is right up my alley because I always loved student government, but alas, I never reached the level of awesomeness where one actually gets voted into office. Here, with the help of a gentleman who took me to ballroom dance on a roof (story to come), we pulled some strings and BAM I get to help with the homecoming dance. So not only do I get to serve, but I don't have to pay for a ticket. Sweet! 

Lastly, I went straight from my last class to "light the Y"

Explanation: light the Y is a BYU tradition where students hike up to the giant Y on the mountain and screw in lightbulbs that light up the outline. 

after sufficient huffing and puffing (death by switchbacks), guess what we (I say "we" because I went with a friend = social points.) found?!?!?! 

have you guessed?  well you're wrong. it was a tarantula!! And guess what I did?

(not the actual tarantula, for visual purposes only) 

for those of you who guessed "eat it"- please seek professional counseling. no, I picked it up and held it! surprisingly it wasn't beyond a 6 on the scary-ness level. I'm not saying it will become a regular habit (heebie-jeebies)  but I decided that -since tarantulas aren't poisonous- it would be my healthy dose of overcoming fear for the week. If you would like photographic evidence, I will put it up here was soon as I figure out how.
Photo: Look at you, Hope! FEARLESS ok, figured it out. 

I then proceeded to light the Y and such, but now that you've heard the tarantula bit, everything else will seem really dull. 

so the end. 

except not really. 

because the scariest element of today is that I can get a date into the dance for free too, and I have no one to ask. Help!!!!!! 


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