Monday, October 22, 2012


gone are the days of high school.

gone are the days of waiting to be asked out by boys who think a "date" is hanging out at a mutual friend's house.

Gone are the days of boys.

Here are the days of men.

fresh men.

Exhibit A.  

I hadn't had anything to eat or drink in approximately 8 or so hours because I was trying to finish a major paper for one of my classes. I was almost finished when fate cued a certain boy to text me and ask if he could meet me at the library to study for a big test. In light of the fact that the test was the next morning I said "Of course" and waited by the computers.


On paper this doesn't sound like your typical damsel-in-distress situation, but let me reemphasize that I hadn't had ANYTHING to eat or drink for 8 hours.


When he arrived I started to get a Huge stomachache.


Note that it wasn't butterflies or anything cutesy-romantic like that, It was a major I-think-I-might-have-appendicitis-stomachache.


So this wonderful Gentleman asked me if I was feeling alright, and if he could do anything for me. I told him that I hadn't eaten in a long time, but that I wanted to study anyway because the test was tomorrow. He asked if I was sure yatta-yatta, and with the assurance that I was, he said o.k, but he had to go to the bathroom first. I laid my head on the table while he was gone, and when he came back, he had not gone to the bathroom but (drumroll please)

 to the vending machine and had bought me a Gardetto's/orange juice "dinner" instead!

i know! please save all "awwww!"s until after the presentation.

Exhibit B. 

The rooftop ballroom story.

Once upon a time, it was an ordinary day in social dance. Class had just ended, and one of the nicest guys in my class came up and asked "have a lot of boys already asked to be your partner for the foxtrot test?" --------------I should probably mention that everyone gets to choose their partner, so a guy can dance with twenty girls who all want him as their partner, and dance with a twenty-first girl if he wants HER to be the partner he has for HIS test.--------------- Only one other boy had asked me to be his partner, so he asked  if he could be my partner/ we could practice the next day/ 3:00 was good for me.

The the next day I met him at the WILK, but due to a lack of available floor space, we decided to practice......ON THE ROOF. No, your eyes are not deceiving you, We went up to a roof, turned on some Michael Buble/Bruno Mars and foxtrotted to our heart's content.

And he later got me involved at BYU/SA which meant free dance tickets, and they all lived happily ever after as dance partners for the rest of their days.

Exhibit C. 

Extra Extra! Hot off the press! This happened TODAY.

I was standing in line at the Subway cart, contemplating the actual health facts of 9 grain honey oat bread, when a gentleman tapped me on the shoulder. -----background information : there is a subway express restaurant  and a subway express CART, both of which offer the same food at the same price, but people for some reason think that the cart is less legitimate than the restaurant, and so the line is always shorter.----- and said "is there any difference between this line and (gesturing to the restaurant line) that one?"

ME: this one is shorter

HIM: but no other differences?

ME: the people in this line are smarter

HIM: sweet! I'm Michael by the way

ME: I'm Hope

MICHAEL: that's such a great name, where are you from?

ME: Salt Lake City. Not very exotic. where are you from?

MICHAEL: North Carolina

insert more small talk

MICHAEL: so did you play any sports in High School

ME: tennis

MICHAEL: Really?? I've been wanting to play for so long, we should play sometime!

ME yeah, that sounds way fun!

MICHAEL: Can I have your number so that we can go hit?

insert small talk, an interruption of ordering lunch, and more small talk

MICHAEL: so where are you eating? would you like to come eat with me and my friends?

needless to say, I ate with him and all of his sophomore friends who are in a BAND called "the fellows", and one of them gave me a massage. (I know I know, but I figure he was really nice/attractive/funny, and you don't turn down a free massage)

So basically this guy "fellows"-shipped me into his group of friends regardless of the fact that I'm a freshman, and I'm going to their concert.

There are many more examples of Fresh-men down here at the Y, and I can't wait to meet others! The best part of all is that as I get older, I'm only going to meet sopho-MORE!!!!  


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  1. Oh, Hope!! It sounds like you're having such fun! And what a great humorist you are!!! I absolutely adore your personality which bursts forth in your writing.
    We think of you all the time, me & Pa. And my Madeline just asked me about you, so we got on your blog to see what you're up to!