Wednesday, October 17, 2012

tanner building business

The Tanner building. a.k.a the Business building at BYU.

so what business do I have going there? (sorry, couldn't resist)

Let's start at the very beginning (that's a very good place to start.) You walk in and the faint smell of chlorine jump-starts a memory of

1. when you were a kid and went swimming all the time at one of those awesome beyond awesome kid pools with crazy water toys that really aren't that fun, but look super impressive

2. when you were in middle school, and went to the local pool hang-out during the summer because it was the only cool place you could walk to

3. the high school swimming pool where you either went to practice, or went to watch meets because the guy/girl you secretly liked was on the swim team.......(let's be honest. everyone was either ON the swim team or liked someone on it at one point. must be something in the chlorine.... )

whichever era of life you most miss.

Why does the business building smell faintly of chlorine you ask? because there are circular fountains on every floor!!!!!

o.k. not cool enough for a full five exclamation points, but no other building here has fountains, so it's pretty refreshing.

next come the stairs.

Thinking of working out today? you can either go to the gym, go on a run, or walk up the tanner building stairs. seriously. pretty sure I get my cardio for the day just going up those babies.

Next is the hidden computer lab.

Are you tired of going to the library only to find that all of the computers are taken? (pretend you are for a second) Well. there is a computer lab on the second floor of the Tanner building, and it always has open computers! it's quiet, it's not freshman infested, and you actually have cellphone reception!

O.k. here comes debatably the best aspect of the business building. Well dressed men.

let me say that again.

well. dressed. men.

not well dressed boys, not adequately dressed teens. well dressed men. men in suits, men in ties, men in BOWties, men in khakis, men in shiny shoes, men with briefcases, men with swoopy hair and festive sweater vests...... muchas guapos muchachos.

And they're all really nice-- I don't think I've ever opened a door for myself while in that building.

Granted, they're all 24, but it gives me hope that boys can eventually grow up to be well-dressed, polite, school-oriented citizens. (a claim I had been beginning to lose faith in.)

The last reason why the tanner building is awesome is the cafe.

the. cafe.

Oh yes. I practically live there. 90% of the money on my meal card goes to this quaint little cafe on the bottom floor, where the sandwich makers and I are on a first-name, know-the-order basis. As soon as I get to the counter to order, Megan has already started making my turkey-bacon-club-on-sourdough-with-no-mayo sandwich to-go. And on the way out, I grab a bag of  cookies and cream Chex mix as the tanner building cafe is the ONLY place on campus that sells it. 540 calories of bliss, my friends. Bliss.

So why do I frequent, nay practically LIVE at the tanner building?

Well that's kind of my business.    

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  1. Never have I considered the beauties of the Tanner Building. I feel enlightened. I'm now a Tanner believer! Now where's that Megan when I need her...