Tuesday, October 2, 2012

sudokoo-coo criminal

Here it is. a scandalizing peek into the third floor Taylor hall girl's bathroom.

brace yourself. 

O.k, o.k. it's not really that exciting. But it WAS the scene of a crime today.A crime against what, you ask? Humanity. the laws of nature. the very rules which govern our lives and keeps the rhythm of the universe in motion. that's right. Sudoku.

Let me qualify this statement with a little bitta background knowledge. Every week one of the hall advisers for the dorm makes a cutesy-wootsty "Taylor Toilet Reader." That lists the activities for the week, a spiritual quote, a comic strip, and a cross word or something. ----not to fear, my germ-conscious readers. They are safely slipped in and out of a paper protector that hangs on the door.


This little reader is everyone's skim milk edition of the newspaper, and every Monday, girls can't wait to rush to the lavatory.

o.k. yes, an exaggeration, but I've really been feeling the no-comics blues lately.

So THIS week, instead of the 8 letter by 8 letter word search (the words are usually things like byu, week, class, and other lengthy nouns) there was a Sudoku puzzle.

let me rephrase that.

There was a Sudoku puzzle!!!!!!

but alas! what is this? some Taylor hall chick has filled it in?? unthinkable! First of all, who brings a pencil with them when they go to the bathroom? yuck. secondly, who completes 7/8ths of the puzzle and then leaves the remaining three squares blank? you couldn't figure out what the last three number were?!?!?!

as you can see, this had me very upset. So the next time I had to go to the bathroom, I went to a different stall, in a different hall and guess what? same thing! same penciled-in numbers! same three blank squares! what kind of sick criminal was I dealing with?!

In a Sherlock Holmes moment I traveled from stall to stall hoping for some sign of humanity, some sign that this cereal Sodukuist had a heart. but woe is me, I ended up empty handed.

One thing is for sure. next Monday I am going to the bathroom at the crack of dawn, because for this week at least, I have been out-numbered.

(for your enjoyment.)

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