Saturday, August 27, 2011


Football Fans.

everyone claims to be one.

whether you're a gawky junior high school boy, claiming to like football for the sake of popularity,
a girl, pretending to be interested so that you seem sporty and cute,
or an SBO, pretending to love football for the sake of your position,
everyone seems to be a "football fan"

But how many of these so called "fans" would drive on a bus for 5 hours each way with people they don't know, forced to listen to bad country, just to see their team play in a pre-season game? not. many. but let the record show:

I was there.

i should probably start this out by telling you that i'm not that huge of a football fan. in fact, i'm not sure that i would even pay five dollars to go to a home game. And yet i was there. Why, you ask? that is a good question. Because while i am not a huge "football fan" i AM a die-hard Peter Golding fan, and the opportunity to spend ten hours trapped on a bus with this blonde haired boy was too good to pass up.

but of course it didn't quite turn out that way.

Peter took his own car. (shoot) and i was left shedding a good four pounds of sweat on bus number 335.

i have had WAY too few hours of sleep to describe this wonderful adventure to you (did i mention that we got home at 3:00 A.M.?) so i'll just dish out the highlights.

my ears are withering from over exposure to dangerously loud "Pop Hits" and later on "Classic Country" generously provided by the bus driver.

i have learned the catastrophic consequences of only fueling teenagers with Cheetos and Mavrik "F'real" shakes

The Chiropractor is probably booked for the next year because of teenagers scrunched up on little bus seats, laying down on the hard floors, stretched over the isles, and sleeping on each others shoulders.

i sweated, froze, got rained on, starved, failed to sleep, and had to pay,
my ipod died, my water ran out, my ears blew up, my stomach hurt, my phone shut off, and my space was invaded.

Oh goodness. i wanted adventures and boy did i get one! One down, a million to go.

but despite the previous paragraphs, it was all worth it. we won the game 41-7 (not that i cared a whole bunch) but i really did have fun, got to know more people, and had hilarious moments.

so i guess when life hands you lemons, squeeze it in your "F'real" shake and it can taste pretty sweet.

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