Monday, August 22, 2011

Cal-i-for-nia girl.

foam washing up on my feet
sand in my toes
sunshine sitting on my cheeks
the pier at night
sunset on the balcony
reading on the beach
salty air and laughing toddlers-

welcome to californian paradise!

someone cue the cute surfer dude to come sweep me off my feet! actually, scratch that. this is a good place to get away from boys-


to get away from everything that i'm trying to cut back on in my life
boys, Peter, facebook, phone, distractions, yatta and a second yatta.

this is my isolation haven! whoop whoop!

so here's the plan home-skillet-
i'm gonna write every day (much to your dismay, even when i'm far away, i might reference a filet, from the first of march to may, you can't know what i will say!)

this can be a new beginning! like a wave washing away my old lifestyle and revealing the new. down with idleness! down with complacency! i am a new woman, re-charged and ready! (cue whoopings and hollering from the peanut gallery)

do you pick up what i'm throwing down? are you shizzle with the Rizzle? do you hear what i'm spittin out, soul sister?

alright, good. streaming live from sunny Oceanside, this is Hope, signing off.

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