Monday, August 22, 2011

Lights! Camera! wait.

A few days ago i finished a book about learning how to "live a better story." you know, like if your life was a movie, would critics give it two thumbs up, or rather chop their thumbs off than be forced to sit through it?

(i will now give you time to ponder this concept)

that's what i was thinking! my story is much to boring! so i decided to have a go at a more adventurous life.

my first attempt was to book a flight to California the next day. i planned out my transportation, my hotel, my flight, and my food. that's all you need and you're ready to go, right?


turns out, a trip that spontaneous takes some serious moolah. almost $1,000. yipes.
so then i decided that instead, i would try to get to California with only a tank of gas and $38.00, relying on crazy opportunities, the kindness of others, and my 17-year-old intellect. sounds like a good plan, right?

wrong again.

the parents pulled the plug on this one. they said it was "much to dangerous" and anyone who wanted to do something like that would be "out of their mind".
i'm not out of my mind, just bored out of my mind!!

for my third attempt, i threw the whole California idea into the recycling bin, (i'm going green) and settled on going to St. George by myself . my grandparents have a condo there, it doesn't take too long to drive, and most importantly- i won't have to take out a second mortgage on my barbie house to cover the cost. primo! right?

wrong x 3

apparently i had a doctor's appointment in two days, and i couldn't move it. therefore, i was to stay firmly planted in Salt Lake soil for the week.

lame sauce.

so i had to be content with getting my friend, dressing up as princesses, and having a tea party with our stuffed animals at the capitol building, complete with juice boxes as tea, and Golden Grahms as crumpets. (at eleven o' clock at night of course)

oh dear, it seems like living an interesting story may be harder than i thought........but i'll make it work.

for now pip pip, cheerio!

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