Monday, August 22, 2011

Snacks for thought

have you ever contemplated the possibilities of the human mind?

it is said that we use less than ten percent of our Brain (3% if you believe fictional movies starring Bill Murray).

But seriously.

the mind is what controls all of our bodily functions, so if we access a larger percentage can we raise and lower our temperatures at will? can diet-crazed-women speed up their metabolism through mere thought? can penetrating the inner workings of your own mind give you an actual Star Wars like "force" to move things. (oh come on, you KNOW that you've half believed the cookies would fly to your hands if you concentrated hard enough)

i have often wondered if you could recall lost memories, and see them in your mind as vividly as if they were taking place at that moment, or choose your dreams, or grow your toenails faster all by the power of the mind. if we only use 10%, then what is the other 90 capable of?

we have possibly limitless control over things we have never been able to master. our minds could potentially change our appearances, our moods, our technology, and our overall quality of life!

and most people sit around playing halo.

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