Monday, August 22, 2011

the EX factor

When you go bowling, getting a Strike is the ideal. your friends cheer, and a huge "X" pops up on the screen, indicating your success.

I have recently learned, that when your dating, Striking out is the worst case scenario. your friends shake their head, and there seems to be a huge "Ex" that pops up on your forehead, indicating your failure. X as in do not enter. X as in unacceptable. Ex as in "no longer dating Ryan Westover"

X as in mistake.

That awful little "Ex" seems to follow me everywhere, changing my possibilities with Peter from innocent "his girlfriend" to sleazy "his on-again-off-again"

...and that's best case scenario.
IF we date again.
which we won't, because of this cute little X that i wear around like the scarlet letter.

I never liked that letter anyway. nothing starts with the letter X, and preschool teachers have to resort to drawing pictures of xylophones for their alphabet art.

nobody uses xylophones.

Oh well. welcome to living life with "The X factor"........the Ex factor.

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