Monday, August 22, 2011


pizza. if you take a poll of 100 children from ages 4-13, at least 28 of them will say that their favorite food is pizza. this is why i take this cheesy-tomato-dish so seriously. it is nourishing the future politicians and bakery shop owners of America, people!!

well anyways, last night i walked into a quaint little cafe where the specialty was none other than ...... PIZZA! what a joy, what an absolute delight!.........until i tasted it.

when my private-personal-all-to-myself-pizza arrived i took a bite from the steaming hot cheesefullness and......

it was delicious.

then again, i assume that anything is delicious after two hours of whale watching and suchness. i really just had nothing to say today and wanted to make something sound dramatic.

well there you go. my dramatic pizza story straight from the oceanside. live it, love it. send it to your pizza loving chumulates.

*that statistic was 100% made up in my brain-of-all-brains, so do not feel let the lie-fullness of my ill researched stat ruin your day.

THE END of another adventure. (kinda)

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