Monday, August 22, 2011

Extra Ordinary

you've probably passed me on the street. you know, that girl who isn't in a fashion magazine, hasn't published a book, and never gets mistaken for a famous actress, but also clips her nails, loves her pizza, and probably has a decent job.

that's me.

that ordinary girl that you've seen a hundred million times, and probably live two blocks away from, without knowing it.

it seems like there are a lot of people like me in this world, and i keep waiting for the revolution of ordinary people. for the day when the guy at the hot dog stand wins American Idol, or the lady at Wal Mart goes on Oprah. but it never happens.

it's not because we don't have any significant thoughts, or hopes or dreams, but because we've been wedged into a rut. a comfortable rut of contentedness, and we feel like if life is going fine, why rock the boat?

but i'm sick of it.

I don't care if the boat flips over. i hope it does, and turns everything upside down. Ordinary people may ask themselves "what's wrong with living an adequate life" I'll tell you what's wrong. adequate doesn't mean extraordinary. why settle for less when you can have everything?

people say "shoot for the moon" i say shoot for Jupiter! shoot for Pluto! shoot for galaxies that haven't even been discovered yet! people who say "the sky's the limit" have no imagination. there is not limit! from now on, i am no longer Ordinary,

i am chasing the extraordinary.

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