Monday, August 22, 2011

emergen-c post

May i just say that i am writing this post despite the fact that i am violently ill?!?! (sore throat and runny nose) you know this is true because i'm writing at 6:30....A.M!! since the rare Hope-apotumus is usually nocturnal, and doesn't wake up until at least know this is a special occasion.
the special occasion was this: i was inspired. (that and i was laying wide away in my bed due to severe nostril discomfort). and when i am inspired, my fingers run themselves on over to the nearest keyboard. (luckily only computer keyboards, because if they ran over to normal keyboards...the music world would shun me forever.)

so please enjoy this flemmy edition of my life.

Last night, at two in the morning i was driving around (in my glamorous mini-van) trying to find a grocery store that was open 24 hours, so that i could buy some emergen-c.

definition: emergen-c: nasty flavored vitamin C that has an outrageous amount of yuck for it's small package. you just dissolve into water and chug away!

so i was driving (vroom vroom, and other various car noises) when i realized that No grocery stores are open past 12:00!! What is this??? what about late night ice cream runs? who's going to help the 2:00 A.M. Dorito addicts? what happened to the American dream??

So i drove my disgruntled tush all over the city. (to no avail) but i did- in fact receive a new bit of information that i think i will find quite useful.

driving at night is fantastic.

it's nice to climb in the enclosed haven of a vehicle, full of warm, welcoming air when it's so chilly outside, turn on a little classical music, and drive through the deserted streets, dominating the stop signs, and watching the beautiful masterpiece painted on the streets from different streetlamps and stoplights. this oddly peaceful sensation is heightened by the sheer fact that most people are asleep, when the city is most beautiful, and the atmosphere most peaceful. every fellow late night driver you come in contact with seems to be in the same secret night-time club. you feel a strange sense of friendship with them as you wonder where they're headed at such a late hour.

yes, my friends, i did indeed fail to find a purchasable packet of "this tastes nasty" but i did, however uncover one of the night's most precious secrets, and intend to go on midnight drives more often.

now i must blow my nose before it throws a fit. its an emergen-c.

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  1. For a post-midnight run for emergen-c, how about your closest Walgreen? What I always liked best about driving late at night was sliding through stop signs when there was clearly no car coming from either left or right. Don't try this until you are so gray that any on-the-scene officer will forgive the granny in you.